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    Whet We Offer

    As we offer a complete line of lending programs for the residential and commercial real estate markets including mezzanine and joint venture programs. Our loans service programs are competitively priced.

    We offer 2nd mortgages up to 90% LTV

    Residential properties/ rentals /retail condos/multiplex
    Freehold or condo
    9.9% – 12.00% per annum – based on LTV, location, loan size
    Lender Fee 1% -4%
    1-2 year terms
    Subject to satisfactory appraisal determined by SCC
    24h turnaround time for quote/commitments
    GDS/TDS – Not applicable
    Property tax arrears – Accepted
    Bankruptcy – Accepted – must be discharged (no waiting period)
    Conditions: 1st mortgage statement, fire insurance policy, recent property tax bill

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