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    Investing in Majek Capital Corp.

    Majek Capital Corp. seeks to generate a consistent and above average return on investments for our clients and shareholders through a professionally managed portfolio. The Majek Capital Corp. Management team and Underwriters have extensive market knowledge experience in real estate investment.


    Private mortgages have long been a proven investment vehicle for seasoned investors with a large amount of capital. 

    Majek Capital Corp. provides individuals with limited amounts of funds and expertise with the opportunity to participant in mortgage investment.

     Majek Capital Corp. brings the advantage of a well-diversified mortgage portfolio, such as above average returns, low risk and regular income, without the need for a large investment or the hassle of managing a portfolio.

    Investment strategy: To achieve its investment objectives, the Fund will invest primarily in Canadian mortgages.

    Primary investments include:

    Relatively low risk first and second residential mortgages, and may have a commercial mortgage.
    The Fund looks to mitigate the risks associated with mortgage investments by combining several high quality mortgages into a diversified pool.
    The Fund also has the ability to invest in publicly traded bonds to ensure the targeted yield is achieved.
    The Fund’s primary focus are investments on hard assets; such as, mortgage investments, and may have exposure to soft assets in early development stages that are categorized as equity.

    Minimum investment – $25,000

    • Target yield: 8%
    • FundServ Code: QNB220
    • Mortgage Administrator: Sagewise Capital Corp.
    • Manager: T.I.P. Wealth Manager Inc. (TIPWM)
    • Custodian: Northern Trust Canada
    • Legal: Gowling WLC
    • Auditor: BDO Canada LLP
    • Fund Administrator & Transfer Agent: DataCore Fund Services Inc Code: QNB220
    • Net Asset value: $10 per share
    • Tenor: 12 months.

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